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I know how some people might view me as well, but I have developed a very thick skin over many years and comments do not phase me. Then again, it really is no ones business as long as love exists, right?While we have quite a generation gap between the two of us, we share the same morals, values, love for family, etc. [quote="runwaymodel, post:1, topic:263588"] I have been dating a wonderful man for a year now.It's as if I paid my money into some basement business with a website. I've been on the site a week and could pretty much write the exact same review already.On trying to get a response to my inquires on all this, there was a boilerplate email which did not answer any of my questions. 8 matches, only 1 new match and hardly any within my 50 mile radius.Plus I got questions back from diff girls but they're the same questions.What would be the chances of diff people picking the same questions???After seeing the questions myself I can't imagine how and u can't see if the other person is a member or not either so it could be pointless anyways. I do like the algorithm workup though and thought it to be fairly accurate.If you are bonded with workaholic person it's important to get help for yourself. One of the many interesting things about workaholism is that it is the most socially accepted addiction.

Like a lot of extremely successful and affluent men, the reason he has not yet married is because he is quite the workaholic. We have discussed marriage and he has attended Church with me several times. I came across them and heard it was a decent service in the news as they recently have come to the United States. The statistics on the site seem to be a good indication that it is a site worth joining.Over two thirds of members have a university degree and 18,000 people join every week.Your workaholic may need to explore what makes them want to be a workaholic and how they got addicted to work. He is respectful, kind, cares and loves me very much. I have no issues with this and was actually concerned that he might be uneasy about the reaction of others. We do get a lot of looks from people because I am young and attractive and he is much older and wealthy. I care for this man a lot and can see a long future together, but oftentimes I worry because I don’t want people to misjudge him.

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