Dating advice for nerds

(Don't ask)Maybe I'm pissing you off and you don't want to answer me this, but I am asking. Before getting with a girl, sort out your own delusions and ridiculous mindsets and problems because otherwise you're just going to be miserable, end up in a miserable relationship and hurt people. I have a Magic deck (sweet ass artifact deck), roleplay on occasion, and still mix with the cool kids, who think I'm cooler I know I'm not a girl or a non-nerd but... Do you have any hobbies outside of Dn D, Magic and Comic Books? I have hobbies, that doesn't cause an issue with dating.

And I do apologise for the bluntness, but this is beyond irritating. The problem is there seems to be this false dichotomy in your mind that you can not be nerdy and cool at the same time. I had people over on Saturday and was showing off the models I had painted.

You aren't being yourself, and therefore aren't being true to her. What're you going to talk about with your girlfriend?

You'd be offering a facade, an image of yourself that isn't true, just to impress her. What're you going to talk about with your friends?

Like I said, most of my nerdy interests are just things i've found to fill time and get away from reality for a few hours a week because of my bigger depression problems Also, like i said in the title, I only want to hear from "Non-nerd" girls. I'm a total geek yet I'm still in training to be an underwear model, I highly doubt you'd tell me my interests make me "less of a woman" just because when I stick the robe back on I'm more interesting in chilling out with an atari flashback than looking for shoes.

I'm sure your great and all, hell maybe you place Dn D too (I have a few girls in my group even) but you are literally .01% of the population and I have learned over and over that I do NOT want to date a nerdy girl. Just because you don't act like a total jock redneck tool doesn't make you less of a man, if anything it makes you more of one for liking things of your own free will instead of conforming to society. I'm a computer programmer, I own over 140 board games, I paint my little models for my games myself. Only one girl has given me grief about going to Gen Con and was telling people that I went to a LARPing convetion even though that's not what Gen Con is.

So what if you like this thing instead of that thing? You're viewing your hobbies as bad thing, unfit for proper company. Maybe you can't take the stress of being unpopular. You view yourself poorly, and getting a girlfriend isn't going to fix that. TL: DR You have self-esteem issues and a poor image of your hobbies. most of them are either so attractive that they have shit personalities, or so fat that the thought of touching them is disgusting (though its a serious taboo to EVER call out a woman for being too fat) and the fat women usually demand the same standards and value from men as the thin women so you can't win.

Should you treat your hobby of Dn D any differently than someone should treat their hobby of watching football? Getting a girlfriend will not fix these things, as a relationship is not a magic bandaid. There are no more average girls in america I figured I could go to japan or korea or something, and find a below average looking girl, because I even find ugly Asian girls hot, and she would fall head over heels for me and we could both be sooo happy.

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Do not get into a hobby just because you might get a girlfriend. Dude, you are either a horrible troll (but since I know plenty of guys like you I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt) or a horrible person.You being a nerd doesn't stop you from getting girls.You being a paradoxically self-important AND self-hating person with no respect for other people does.The only time I've seen girls have an issue with guys being nerdy is when all the guy can talk about is World of Warcraft.I knew a guy who the only thing he ever talked about was Minecraft.

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