Dating advice say love you brampton dating sites

How about something like, “I think I may be falling in love with you”?

Sure, it’s more qualified but also a more honest expression of your feelings.

My husband may not have picked the right moment (in my mind) to say, “I love you” the very first time. I remember the first time my husband told me, “I love you.” Rather than my heart exploding with joy, his words took me aback. After all, we had only known each other for a few weeks. Not that a good read or a shot of excellent caffeine isn’t right up there with true love – but still! I can tell my husband: “I love this mystery novel”; “I love this strong espresso”; and, “I love you so much” in the same breath.Most dudes can handle a little affection and honesty, however, there are many out there that will only keep you around as long as things are fun and light.What you failed to recognize is the kind of man you’re dealing with, but don’t worry, we all do this.

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