Dating and fear of rejection

What’s more, if a user is prepared to invest in their search for a match they are more committed to making a real connection.

They are also more likely to be unattached as they will not fear the transaction appearing on credit card statements.

If you have a chronic self-esteem issue then tackle it head on with some counselling.

Meditating helps reduce stress and improve well-being so a little mindfulness can go a long way towards getting you through the business of dating and into a real relationship, unscathed by rejection.

Sure, on a bad day (for any number of reasons) a woman may act coldly towards you, or totally ignore you when you approach her.

But in my experience helping literally thousands of men overcome their debilitating fears of rejection, here’s what happens 99% of the time: A woman politely explains that she’s already with someone, then thanks you for asking.

Whatever you do, do not hide away and allow fear of rejection to control your life.

Avoid wasting energy on people that want affairs or one night stands by choosing the right places to meet like-minded singles.

Exercising regularly and eating well makes you feel happier, healthier and more positive.

If you are feeling good then any adverse effect rejection might have will be significantly reduced.

One of our most valuable dating tips is keep your search to paid sites and services.

Free dating websites are rife with fake profiles, trolls and people looking for casual flings.

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