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If with social anxiety does choose to “eat out” they will endure it with extreme distress.

Lastly, we look at sufferers who fear writing in public.

Eating and Writing in Public Most people eat out at restaurants, but for the person with social anxiety it is a dreaded experience.

A person with social phobia will fear that when they’re eating out that other people will think he or she is not following proper eating manners.

Social Anxiety Disorder in the Classroom We all know it is important to ask for help in a classroom setting if you have concerns, a question, or do not understand something.

Individuals with social anxiety disorder are often overlooked or “invisible” in the classroom.

They will appear to be uninterested by teachers because they fail to ask for help when their grades continue to fall.

The person with social phobia will think the person in front of them or behind him or her is criticizing their penmanship.

Sometimes the person who suffers from social anxiety will think the person watching him or her thinks the sufferer is taking too much time to write or sign something.

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