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Antique marks with its comprehensive antiques glossary and fully illustrated pottery and porcelain marks sections can help make sure you know what antiques you are buying and sometimes more importantly, what antiques you are selling.Finally we would like to thank our partner VPNArea for their tech support in keeping Antique-Marks online.From the Middle Ages onwards it was very widely exported and admired by other cultures, and fetched huge prices on foreign markets.Eventually Korean porcelain developed in the 14th century and Japanese porcelain in the 17th, but other cultures were unable to learn or reproduce the secret of its formula in terms of materials and firing temperature until it was worked out in Europe in the early 18th century, and suitable mineral deposits of kaolin, feldspar and quartz discovered.Recently a friend who has been collecting Chinese porcelains for years showed me a piece her daughter had bought at an estate sale.While it appeared at first glance to be a small famille rose bowl, she was puzzled.

The antique marks website is ideal for any collector, buyer or seller who needs to research pottery marks, porcelain marks or other antique collector essentials.

The glaze didn’t have the patina of age to place it in the Ch’ing Dynasty.

The porcelain seemed too white, with no sign of impurities, and the colors too bright.

ROSE MEDALLION: Figures and other motifs painted within a medallion or frame. Sometimes early 20th century examples were made on a crackled, oatmeal ground.

Famille noire uses the green palette of famille verte enamels on a black design background.

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