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Although the factory continued to sell her designs until the early Sixties, she only worked in an administrative capacity after the Second World War.

Her creative input was essentially confined to just 13 short years, but what years they were.

The success of Clarice Cliff ceramic designs during this period gave her great success and prominent recognition in the arts world, still unusual for a woman during the 1930s.

With the outbreak of the Second World War all pottery manufacturers were faced with restrictions and shortages, which effectively put an end to the colourful hand-painted pottery of the Thirties.

Clarice was a skilled potter; and it wasn't until 1925 when she was exposed to the Exposition Internationale of Arts Decoratifs et Industrialies Modernes in Paris that her creativity came into full bloom.

This was the international exhibition during which the Art Deco and "modern" style burst onto the international design scene, and Clarice was fascinated by the geometrically grounded modern designs being introduced for all the necessary amenities of daily life.

condition by looking and feeling for chips on delicate areas like rims, handles and spouts. Tell tale signs include washed out colours, an uneven, slightly "honey coloured" glaze, and a deliberately "aged" glaze around the mark on the base.

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She was to remain there until 1964, having married the owner (Colley Shorter) in 1940.

In 1927 Clarice Cliff's employer arranged for her to study sculpture for a few months at the Royal College of Art, London.

1928 she began producing one of her most favoured lines "BIZARRE WARE" which she continued until around 1937.

Clarice Cliff designed over 500 shapes and 2000 patterns.

Shape pattern and condition determine collectability. Sought after shapes include the "Conical" range with cone-shaped bowls, vases and teaware with triangular handles or feet, as well as the "Bonjour" and "Stamford" ranges.

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