Dating divorce during

All property is presumed to be community property in Texas.This means that unless you or your spouse put forth evidence showing the property is owned by one of you separately, it will fall into the category of community property for the purposes of your divorce.

Still other people have been married for just a few months when they come to realize that the person that they married is not who he or she made themselves out to be and now a divorce is probably for the best.

Adultery can impact your divorce case significantly If your spouse commits adultery against you then you have it within your power as a citizen of Texas to not only request a divorce from your spouse but to request what is known as a disproportionate share of the community estate that you and your spouse own together.

Let’s break this down a little so that we understand what I mean by “disproportionate” and “community estate”.

While you certainly can tell the judge that you want a divorce because your spouse abused or you or abandoned you, for the most part simple conflict of personalities leads to most divorces in Texas.

You may be wondering- if you can get a divorce for no reason at all then what is the benefit of stating a specific reason for wanting a divorce?

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