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This shotgun, if I've found the right info on the serial number was either made prior to 1955 or was made in 1965 or 66. The Ithaca 37 is one of the all-time great classic pump guns. And, of course, the bottom-eject feature conveniently drops your empties right at your feet and makes the 37 truly ambidextrous. I've sent the Ithaca off to Diamond Gunsmithing in Ithaca, New York. Surface rust clean up well, even pitting will disappear. And did yours come with a truglo type thing for a bead? I paid only 5 for it, but it had some minor damage to the stock...nothing to inhibit function.

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They settled on waiting for Remington Model 17 patents to expire.

There's a few locations I can ship it to that will do the work as well as one of the gunsmiths who once worked at Ithaca who will refinish the gun. Any links to manuals or take-down/reassembly instructions are appreciated. Law enforcement agencies have used ithicias many times in the past.

As far as refinishing, go with the original finish again.

That this shotgun survived World War II is a testament to the soundness of the design.

Many sporting arms ceased production entirely during the same period.

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