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The basic story of dating hasn't changed in thousands of years - boy meets girl and they make a connection.So why such sweaty palms if the dating game is so old?It might give some helpful ideas on etiquette but in the end you just need to be true to Look, honestly, I have no idea how I ended up with this book.

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I have reread relevant sections several times during my adult life, enough so that I have internalized some of the author's recommendations.

No, it's not because you're the nerd of the universe and everyone else is way cooler than you are. On top of that, dating can feel really scary because it has to do with big-ticket items: the opposite sex and rejection. Dating For Dummies is your guide to the dating scene if you have never dated, have rarely dated, or if you've experienced a life change and want to start dating again.

Whether you're a teenager, young adult, divorced, widowed, or an older adult, this useful reference can help you meet, date, and start a relationship with the person of your dreams.

Discover ways to increase your confidence, polish your social skills, figure out what you want, and find out where the best places are to meet your future mate.

Full of essential tips and dating wisdom, Dating For Dummies covers everything a single person in search of a date should know, including Selecting the right place for your first date Finding the best places to meet people Knowing how to protect yourself and understanding the myths and facts about date rape Ditching your date (politely) and exiting with style Finding dating tips for single parents, seniors, or those involved in office romances and long-distance relationships Knowing when not to date Meeting your online date, blind date, or personal-ad date Surviving a break-up and waiting out the rebound period Realizing that you are in love With a little help from Dating For Dummies, discover how to turn what could be a disastrous date into a good time (and a fabulous relationship). Joy Browne - licensed clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and award-winning radio talk show host - guides you through it all.

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