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Would a cougar prefer that or a man who listens, cares and is a true friend/companion who they can relax, let loose and have fun with?Looking forward to your answers cougars :)So I've been having a crush on my coworker for almost a year now.If you don't know if you have any mutual interests, you can try starting to chat based on where you are at the time or something that's happening there. I was contacted by the above user claiming to see an ad I posted on this sub and we chatted via phone text.For more help, I recommend reading subreds such as /r/socialskills if you want more coaching on how to start conversations. She claimed she needed Steam codes for her godsons birthday party.FAQThere are older women literally everywhere; we generally go unnoticed because we (a) aren't young anymore and (b) we have shit to do that doesn't involve attracting your attention. Be ready for a high rejection rate, though, because many older women are either in stable relationships or don't think of younger men as relationship material.

Hopefully this thread will be a good encyclopedia for beginners.

She may be back in October but it's not final yet.

We chat from time to time on Instagram, I usually keep her updated on the biggest news from work to make sure she doesn't feel forgotten.

Online: My success on finding cougars online is very close to zero. Bars, clubs: From FAQ and what I read on internet, it is most likely to find cougars at wine bars or bars playing 90s, 80s, 70s. I ask this question since I’m currently talking to this older woman who hasn’t dated anyone, let alone a Cub, in years and I have a pretty serious crush on her.(From the ages of 18-25 (now) I have slept with around 10-12 cougars from ages 38-60, all of them were very nice and friendly but I was always nervous about if they would find my penis small due to their experience and past.

Apart from Tinder, I also tried OKCupid and Bumble. I never went on any of these, so would like to know from you. What was it that made you stop chasing men in your age group and go for men much younger than you? It always ended up being a one night stand and I could never build a true friendship or FWB.

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