Dating friendship love 2016

I thought it was quite a funny name, but since “na” is also the name of my favorite fruit in Vietnam, she got my attention.

She is 7 years younger than me, and we met when I interviewed her for a position as a sales staff in Kitchen Art store that was about to open. She was barely 20, still a university student, and I was 27 about to start up my first business.

Sometimes I do feel the urge to stop her from making the same mistakes I have made in my past to avoid getting hurt.When I first started becoming an entrepreneur, I thought that I needed strong partners who are more experienced and more financially capable than me.But through the years, I realized, the most important partner I ever needed was someone who would love the work and the purpose of the work as much as I do, someone who would believe in me and have my back through any set back and challenges.Our relationship has grown in professional aspects too, from a boss-employee relationship to now, partners, in our own company (DCA Holding).This does not mean that every friendship can blossom in business, as I have personally experienced the downfall of my own friendships when it came to being business partners.

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