Dating hanabi

As a result, the two are often shipped by association of Naru Hina.However, the pairing has developed a small following outside of those who do not ship Naru Hina, but still think the two may work out together.Ebato’s (Ecchan) infatuation with Hanabi has unrequited written all over due to Hanabi’s inability on mutually reciprocating any romantic feelings.Only 6 episodes has been aired, so we do not know why Ebato likes Hanabi; perhaps her hatred of men she mentioned earlier will come into play soon.She is aware her mental desires are wrong, but does not know any other way to relieve anguish.For Moca, her desires are unhealthy because of glorification and fantasized thoughts about Mugi.Although her feelings are arguably endearing, Mugi showing no interest puts Moca in a tough position.

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In response, Hanabi and Mugi are dating because they can’t be together with their crushes.

Moca is in love with Mugi due to environmental pressures, which are narrow-minded.

As children, when both her and Mugi were together, people envisioned them for a prince and princess.

Hanabi and Mugi having borderline sex displays this as you can see visual representations via clever use of manga paneling to capture sensuality.

Additionally, utilization of black seeping into the white background conveys Hanabi’s despair.

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