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The two families went out for dim sum, and the parents eagerly engaged in conversation on behalf of their children, who obviously did not click.“It was too weird,” Mary says. Apparently, the guy was forced to go, too.”Not outgoing by nature and unable to find suitable men at work, Mary has sought to expand her social circle by taking classes after work and attending speed dating events. Like many lonely hearts in the city, her search is ongoing.

As a former British colony, Hong Kong has a distinct political culture and some degree of autonomy from the rest of China, an arrangement dubbed “one country, two systems.” Going between the mainland and Hong Kong is still considered a border crossing of sorts.

Annie Chan, an associate professor of sociology at Lingnan University, says this is due in part to more economic activity between Hong Kong and the mainland.“In the past, Hong Kong women might have been less inclined to marry mainland Chinese men,” Chan says, “but in recent years, the cultural and socioeconomic gap has narrowed.”Still, others choose to postpone marriage or not marry at all.

According to data from the latest census report, men usually marry for the first time at the age of 31, while they used to do so at 29 in 1991.

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Just sit back, relax, and continue reading this essential dating guide to meet single Hong Kong girls.

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We are targeting to provide gathering and matching between Hong Kong ppl & local foreigners (Japanese, American, European, etc..) We provide one-to-one matching as well as some private or group dating parties for those who are interested into meeting other single professionals in Hong Kong.

The frustrations of finding the perfect partner—and the pressure from parents to find one quick—have led many to seek speed dating and matchmaking services, where one session can cost up to 0. Wendy So, 23, spent hundreds of dollars on speed dating events in search of a serious relationship.

She found one two years ago, and this year will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with her boyfriend.

(Ten years before that, there were more men than women in the city.)“I’ve never known what it’s really like to be in a serious relationship,” Mary says.

“I grew up learning about dating by watching dramas and movies, but I do not know what it is really like.”Despite the prevalence of free dating apps, traditional matchmakers in Hong Kong are still thriving.

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