Dating illegal alien women

Like many at the school, Vasquez-Banda, court records show, was an illegal immigrant.

After graduating, Berry held a series of minimum-wage jobs that reflected the paucity of opportunities on the border -- picking chiles, cooking at a Kentucky Fried Chicken -- before securing an -an-hour post at a resort in Sedona, Ariz.

But that charge was dropped in September after Terrazas’ testimony raised questions about her credibility, court documents show.

Authorities have initiated deportation proceedings against Terrazas, who said her two children, U. citizens who attend Douglas public schools, might suffer if she left the country. Cruz said he saw Terrazas at Border Patrol functions and knew she was the girlfriend of another agent.

Maria Terrazas, 31, met Jose Ruiz three years ago at LM’s Body Builders in this remote border town.

Terrazas, a waitress and mother of two, knew Ruiz was a catch. Terrazas, who said several of her illegal immigrant girlfriends have relationships with border agents, saw nothing unusual about dating a man whose job was to keep people like her out of the U. “He had his own job and I had mine,” Terrazas said in an interview. Terrazas faces deportation again and Ruiz, 30, is on leave from the patrol.

The only person facing criminal prosecution in the case is Ephraim Cruz, an eight-year Border Patrol veteran who, with another off-duty agent, gave Terrazas a ride from the Mexican border to the U. He contended the prosecution was retaliation for his complaints to Congress last year about what he called the abuse of detained immigrants in Douglas.

I thought to myself, "I hope if this relationship gets more serious, he goes and gets that fixed." But “getting it fixed” wasn’t really a possibility.The clandestine romances, they add, also make a mockery of efforts targeting illegal immigrants, such as laws being considered by Congress that would mandate fences along sections of the border and fine employers who hire illegal aliens.But such lines between the legal and illegal can be hard to draw on the southwestern border.We were on our third date when Billy told me—hinted, really—that he was an undocumented immigrant from Central America.I remember thinking, "Well, that's not ideal." Truth was, I had no idea what that admission really meant.

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