Dating illinois watch

In the fall of 1905 new models were produced in 0 and 12 size, both of which have proved most popular and the demand for them is constantly increasing.

In the early part of 1910 a new model in 16 size, pendant setting, was produced, and found a ready market except in railroad grade, as the requirements of railway time service do not permit the use of pendant setting grades.

It is planned to devote a portion of the first floor for the use of the men as a club room.

As the manufacture of watch movements has developed both in quality and quantity, the American producer has been quick to learn the lesson of the present age - the necessity of specialization of watch movements for the use of the employees of railroads.

Lincoln" movements in 18 size, for the use of railroad men, so that to-day these movements are known wherever railroads are operated, and are the recognized standard watches for railway service. To his intelligent presentation of the matter and his enthusiasm in executing all the difficult and manifold details of the plan, is very largely due the magnificent observatory erected upon the grounds of the company, and freely open to the inspection and use of the citizens and scholars of the public schools of the city of Springfield.

C., where in competitive examination with product of other factories, out of eleven watches accepted, ten were form the Illinois Watch Company's factory. Work on the factory building was commenced in December 1869, the first building being 30 x 100 feet, three stories high. They came to Springfield in April 1870 and began work on the machine shop tools in a temporary shop, as it was found necessary to build the machine shop tools, that being the quickest way to get them at that time. The plant of the company was located upon fourteen acres of ground just outside the (then) city limits of Springfield, on North Grand Avenue, between Ninth and Eleventh Streets, the property being purchased from Henry Converse for cash.They also commenced the manufacture of dials and hairsprings and jewels, all of which had heretofore been imported.The panic of 1873, which paralyzed the business of the country, placed the company in an embarrassing position, as they had not been in business long enough to have a surplus of capital to sink during the depression which followed, and they soon found themselves with a large stock of watches on hand, with little or no demand for them, and no money with which to keep the factory running.

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