Dating in the 1930s

Everything was homemade – the food, the games, the music – there were even homemade portable dance floors.

But traditional organized activities – like rodeo and football – were popular as well.

In a hard-fought game that included a fractured shin bone and two players knocked unconscious, Stanford won 13-7.

The Stanford coach praised Nebraska's team as "the toughest we met this year." After only five years as head coach, Biff Jones was called back to West Point at the beginning of World War II.

When Indians furnish part of the entertainment – generally with dances and ceremonials – the smell of dried meat hung out on lines in their camp is pungent and unforgettable." – FWP Guide.

Rodeos were another organized entertainment activity that remained vital through the Depression.

Rodeos showed off some of the skills of cowboys who lived on the ranches in rural Nebraska.

Interest in rodeo competitions began early in the settlement period and remained widespread across the Great Plains and West.

One of the most popular rodeos was and still is hosted by the small town of Burwell, Nebraska.

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