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She is engaged with the Azteca Deportes as a sports journalist. At 14, she already had a black belt in taekwondo and had competed in national level competitions. She has done the photoshoot for many companies and brands including Telcel, Bacardi, and Hoteles Mision.

Apart from that, Sainz is also a boxing match host and owner of a production company in Mexico. Inez Sainz got her education from Universidad del Valle de Mexico in Queretaro. Sainz also got a Master's degree in tax law from Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro.

The family is living together and they are spending quality time with each other.

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Ines Sainz (photos below) is not getting an apology from Lance Briggs of the Chicago Bears.

For Ines Sainz, it’s another day and another team in a news story that is dominating more of the first week of the NFL than actual football coverage.

She is currently working as a journalist for Azteca Deportes which is a Mexican TV network.She grew up in a family of three siblings and all of them are brothers, one her twin.Her father’s name is Alejandro Sainz and her mother’s name is Juanita Gallo.His remarks followed Jets comments at Sainz Saturday which included “Eres muy guapa! He said that no female reporters should be in a men’s locker room. “This is the same place where grown men are taking showers, this the place where we [use the bathroom], and right outside of all these places we’re surrounded by media. Today he explained “My statement is that the men’s locker room is for men.As we’re drying off, we’re [unclothed] and trying to answer questions at the same time. Just like the women’s locker room is for women.” He did not clarify is he thought male reporters should be granted access, or that if all reporters should be banned.

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