Dating jo jo

There was a picture taken of them where Jo In-sung was pulling a trolley, and Go Hyun-jung was beside him, in Japan’s airport, but their agencies made statements saying that it was just a coincidence.They each went to Japan for different reasons, and they have no relationship at all.

Each of the three guys takes Jo out on a unique date, close to his own heart.

David's date starts with his blindfolding Joe with a Louis Vuitton scarf and leading her up to the roof, where awaiting them is a private helicopter and champagne. They enjoy champagne then climb into the helicopter for a ride around Los Angeles.

It appears that Slade doesn't like David's date with Jo.

She played leading roles in Shut Up Flower Boy Band and The Idle Mermaid (2014).

She made her screen debut in 2011 in the daily sitcom I Live in Cheongdam-dong.

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