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I have been around for quite some time y/n," He started, chuckling slightly before continuing, "and I have never heard a voice as gorgeous as yours." He beamed. "Thank you Elijah." You grinned, still slightly embarrassed."Please sing more often." He smiled, placing a kiss on your cheek. At the disco •"Halo"- Beyoncé •"Seven wonders"- Fleetwood Mac Thank you so much for 15k reads! I'm running a bit low on ideas, so if you have any, feel free to comment, or chuck me an inbox with your suggestion!

Dancing certainly was not something you would take part in without the aid of alcohol.

You recognized the first few chords of one of your faveourite songs blast through the speakers and continued to dance along with Damon as the chorus came up. " you sung out, holding the last note until you were almost out of breath."If you love me let me goooocause these words are knives and often leave scarsthe fear of falling apartand truth be told I never was your's the fear, the fear of falling apart." you continued. When you take a shower, its like your in a cozy little bubble, and nobody else exists.

Just as you took a breath to continue the song you spun around to be met with Stefan standing in the doorframe, shocked."oh my god.." he said astonished, his moth a gape. " He giggled, eyes still wide in amazement."All I'm saying is that you don't have to wait until your home alone to sing like that. That's how you and Damon tended to spend your saturday nights.

That's all." He said looking to the floor and smiling to himself as he made his way out of the room. You had the speakers blasting as you both danced around, jumping from couch to couch with drinks still in your hands.

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