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It wasn't the place itself that continually drew me back, but the people: the couples strolling arm in arm, the aimless young men, the hawkers of miscellany, the selfie-taking teens, and many more.

But more than any other, I returned repeatedly to the palm-lined corniche that overlooks the port.

Over the course of several visits to Oran this year, I spent my free time wandering the city and shooting pictures of its many textured corners.

My tie loosened and suit rumpled after a day of meetings, I sat on a bench, squinting through the evening sun's rays, observing the passers by.

After Trump's answer, Anderson Cooper makes several attempts to follow up, but Trump will not back up his statement, or retract it. There are a lot of people that think - look, bottom line, there were no weapons of mass destruction. I have people from Germany - they want to leave Germany. It was one of the most beautiful - now it's like an armed camp. All of this is the - everything that's happening started with stupidly going into the war in Iraq. We have wounded warriors, who I love, all over the place, who say the most incredible - these are braver than all of us in this room put together. We're not even there - we can't even make a phone call right now... And I said, "Don't go in because you're going to ruin the balance in the Middle East; you're going to have a total imbalance; you're going to have Iran taking over Iraq." Everything I said turned out to be true. So - and they wanted to do it for years and years years. So, not only do we make a horrible, horrible deal where we're giving Iran 0 billion. We shouldn't have even started negotiating until we got our prisoners back.

And he shouldn't have said, "We're getting out at a specific time." He gave a specific date, as you know, to get out. And that was - and I don't want to put words in your mouth, so correct me if I'm wrong... QUESTION: So - so do you think - do you think the president of the United States, George W. TRUMP: Well, look, I'm not going to get your vote, but that's OK. I'm the one, from 2002, 2003, said you shouldn't be doing it. We have spent trillion in Iraq - in fighting Iraq. And I'm not talking about lying, I'm not talking about not lying. The Iraqis did not knock down - it was not Saddam Hussein that knocked down the World Trade Center, OK? QUESTION: What was - just - what you said was, "they lied, they said there were weapons of mass destruction, and there were none, and they knew there were none. I can - I don't - whether he lied or not, he went into Iraq. And Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center. They went - a lot of them went to Saudi Arabia, OK? He knocked the heck out of him, and then he pulled back, OK? I drove the Americans back." He really overplayed his hand. The war in Iraq started the whole destabilization of the Middle East. Either - you believe he either lied or did not lie. COOPER: So, was it a mistake for you to say in that debate that you thought he lied?

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