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She is shown to be able to understand Koromaru and often translates for the others, though she is shown to be able to understand dogs in general.She states that dogs don't have a language, but speech is not the only way of communication, with The Answer revealing that she can understand Koromaru's thoughts and feelings.Arena reveals that this is because it was inherited from the 5th Generation Anti-Shadow weapons, one of who took time to communicate with a puppy named Snowy.In Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Aigis meets him, now an old dog.

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A video recording shows that she has a habit of breaking into his dorm room at night in order to check on him, even going so far as to keep a record of how long it takes her to pick the lock, In Falling Down, she even goes so far as to sneak into the boy's rooms during the group's stay in Kyoto, claiming it was unfair that she and Makoto weren't in the same room.

Toward the end of December, after being repaired by the Kirijo Group, Aigis's simulated computer software personality (artificial intelligence) develops human emotions, and she becomes compassionate and loyal to her friends, though she struggles to fully understand her new emotions.

She deeply regrets imprisoning Ryoji inside the protagonist, believing that they wouldn't be suffering if she hadn't.

During the next full moon, she encounters Ryoji and realizes why she was so suspicious of him; he is the Appraiser of Death, who she sealed away ten years ago in the body of a nearby boy; that boy was the protagonist, which is why she wanted to be by his side so much.

After being grievously wounded in her battle with Ryoji, Aigis feels immense grief before she ceases functioning, believing herself to be 'worthless' as she has been unable to fulfill her purpose as a machine.

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