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Do not grasp the staircase railing but instead gently put your hand on top of the railing to guide yourself.

Toes should be pointed toward the staircase wall and be sure to walk very slowly upwards and downwards.

In London, tea at the palace will only ever be called Afternoon Tea, never High Tea.This small line indicates which year the item has been produced.By looking at the small green lines/spots above or under a letter in the trademark you are able to determine the year of production and thereby the age of the porcelain item. on items produced in 1935, the green spot/line is placed above the first letter in the company name (R).Meghan will most certainly need to learn how to curtsy before she meets The Queen. Keeping both arms to your sides, gently bend the right knee a few inches to slowly lower yourself into a curtsey position.To curtsy, keep legs together and point toes straight ahead and in line together. At the same time that your knees are bent, the head tilts down gently…almost like a nod.

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