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Panama is friendly to retirees—both locals and foreigners—and the government even has programs geared to seniors. There are many indigenous people from a number of tribes; in fact, the largest indigenous tribe in Central America lives in Western Panama.

Restaurants have mandated discounts for people age 55-plus. They wear traditional dress and are dirt poor, but seem happy and not envious. It’s in western Panama in the shadow of the Baru volcano, which at 11,401 feet is the highest point in Panama.

As far as outdoor activities, Boquete is in a volcanic valley with rifts and canyons, so there are lots of rivers for river rafting.

Most of the rivers are small, but with waterfalls, so there are neat places to go for a picnic or a day trip.

The town appealed to Chris, and at age 65 he made the move to a lush, green place with lots of rainbows and a glorious view of the mountains—a far cry from the desert he was leaving behind. I remember times when things were more democratic, not controlled by party politics.

Chris spoke with Senior Planet by phone from his home in Boquete. Panama has a stable government and a strong economy, and with the second canal open, it’s even better.

A lot of people build western-style houses with terraces on the side of the mountain to enjoy the view, and under their terraces they create apartments.

It’s easy to meet people, and we often get together for an activity or event—there are presentations of local interest; local bars have bands playing and DJs.

But many Panamanians don’t speak English, so if want to get to know the community, you need basic Spanish. There are at least one or two Spanish schools and lots of individuals who offer Spanish lessons. You need to understand the culture before making the move.

Our culture in the US is based on book learning, on written history.

Chris Jones hadn’t planned on becoming a croupier, but he was living in Las Vegas and needed a job, so he ended up working in the casinos.

Twenty-five years later, divorced and the father of two grown children who he had raised alone, Chris was looking at retirement.

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