Dating silvertone acoustic guitars

Some models were also made available with acoustic pickup circuitry for amplified playing.In addition, the model 853 ukulele was introduced with an amplificable version as well.In January 2014 the Silvertone reissue 1444 bass was debuted at the Anaheim Winter NAMM show.In early 2015, Samick introduced six reissue Silvertone acoustic guitars including the full body 955 and single cutaway 955CE, the 600 in either spruce or mahogany, the "Sovereign" 633, and the 604.

And if you didn’t have a store nearby, at least you could peruse the famous Sears catalogs.

The first two models released were the 1303/U2 (originally manufactured by Danelectro) and the 1478 (originally manufactured by Harmony), followed by the 1449 (also known as the "Amp-in-Case" model, originally manufactured by Danelectro), and the 1423 Jupiter (originally manufactured by Harmony).

The reissues are not exact replicas, but are modeled and engineered as close to the originals as possible (using vintage models to compile the actual specifications).

I actually took it to a local store and had them look it over.

We both looked it over and said he couldn't see any blemish.

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