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If you don't have a way to host images - or don't know how to re-size them - attach them to an e-mail addressed to me and I will do it for you.Try this right now: Get off your couch and sink into a full squat with your feet flat on the floor. To physical therapist Kelly Starrett, you’re not truly fit until you can do that.That’s more important than ever in today’s work world, one that often forces your body into uncomfortable positions that compromise good, clean movement.

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And on his Mobility WOD website, he issues challenges and tips—including how to crush the squat test—with the aim of helping guys set and achieve goals for improving the way they move. “I create education tools and drills for busy people,” he says. Back then he was like everyone else, so uninterested in mobility that he made fun of a friend who stretched before practices and events. ” he says.“I’d never stretched before and had tons of back and shoulder pain paddling.” All that pain led to a nerve-root issue in Starrett’s neck that doctors struggled to solve.

Those long hours, either at home or at work, “monkey things up,” Starrett says, trapping your body in a hunched-over posture.

Your shoulders roll forward and your back muscles weaken as your hip flexors tighten and your glutes and hamstrings loosen.

Starrett says “screwing” your feet into the ground and squeezing your butt for two seconds can help you do that while also aligning your hips with your spine.

“Your back should be flat, belly tight, and head neutral,” he says.

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