Dating successful people

I simply mean thinking about the kind of partner you’d like to meet (see point 1 above) and how you can make that more likely.

So, for example, you can look at where and how you’re currently spending your time.

In my opinion and my personal experience, these are four steps that are as effective in the area of love and relationships as they are in career, business, and any other areas of your life.

Get clear on what you want, work out what’s stopping you, come up with strategies, and set yourself up for success with the support structures that you need to move forward.

So what can you do to put yourself into the kind of context where you might meet interesting people? Finally, and again this can seem a bit foreign, you want to make sure that you have the structures in place to support you in this area as you do in others.

And what can you do to open yourself up to the possibility when you do? In fitness we have personal trainers, in careers we have coaches, in business we have advisors… There are relationship coaches out there who you can work with (whether you’re single or in a relationship, for that matter).

This was due in part to my shyness (I just wasn’t confident enough to speak to strangers, let alone someone I fancied) and in part my ego (I didn’t want to admit that I liked someone in case they didn’t like me back).

” This is maybe where it becomes a bit creepy: strategies and action plans for meeting someone?! But we’re not talking about an Excel file here with milestones and targets or following a rigid step-by-step process to achieve your goal of meeting a partner.Then when I asked myself that second question, about being open to meeting someone, the answer was ‘no’ there too.For my entire dating existence up to that point, my ‘strategy’, if you can call it that, was to avoid eye contact with anyone I was attracted to.And it’s okay to show that you like someone when you do.If you want to reimagine what success looks like in love and in other areas of your life, download this free resource that goes through the 5Ls model – Live, Love, Learn, Lead, Laugh – and guides you in auditing where you are today in those different areas:

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