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These two gods bore pairs of lesser gods representing the heavens, earth and other natural phenomena.

At first, all gods lived within Tiamat’s body, but eventually, her grandson Marduk rebelled, killed Tiamat, and formed the earth from her corpse.

But in monotheistic belief systems where only one good, moral, all-powerful God is worshiped, the presence of evil is difficult to justify.The Genesis account goes to great lengths to avoid using certain words that might be associated with pagan deities.Unlike all of God’s other creations, the author avoids describing the water creation as “good.” He avoids using the singular form for sea (yam), preferring the plural seas (yamim), because Yam was a sea god in Canaanite mythology.Within Judeo-Christian beliefs, the first book of the Hebrew Bible, the Book of Genesis, describes not one, but two distinct accounts of how God created the earth, its inhabitants and mankind.This article explores the purpose of each creation story and later compares and contrasts the Genesis creation stories with an earlier Babylonian creation myth, the Enuma Elish, which dates from about 1900–1600 BCE.

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