Dating two guys same time

It may seem like a good idea to take him as your date to your best friend’s wedding, or bring him along for a weekend visit to your parent’s town, but these things say to him “she wants me to be an integral part of her life.” Sorry but, grab a male friend to be your date to the wedding, and visit the parents solo, as boring as it may be.

Space out the dates If you’re seeing these men multiple times a week—maybe even alternating nights of staying at their houses—they are going to assume you’re not seeing somebody else. Set a rule for yourself that you will only see each guy once a week, until you know which one you feel more serious about.

However, once there are real feelings entering the game it’s time to get serious.

Just decide which one you really want to date and keep with your choice. Some people do manage to get the throuple thing working.

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Don’t suggest serious stuff The reverse is true, too.Kris Boyson throws Katie Price's belongings and her children's toys into trash bags after she cheated on him with new toyboy Kris Boyson is ridding his home of all Katie Price's belongings after sh ..."Know yourself before you get into that lifetime commitment" Waje speaks against early marriage and says she won't let her daughter get married now (video) Waje has said she is not keen on daughter, Emerald Iruobe getting married no ...And, if he ever finds out it’s because someone else was in the picture, he is not going to appreciate that you sat back and let him throw money around.No double standard If you’re dating multiple people, so can he.

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