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I’m not talking about a slip up every eight to twelve months.

I’m talking about a daily, weekly, monthly habit Are you well rooted into your local church, under the spiritual care of your pastors and elders, and accountable to a group of believers within that congregation?

Marrying used to be the sole goal of meeting people from the opposite sex, not sex.

What is courting – 12 reasons you benefit from courting instead of dating So, what does that mean for us today?

That’s why I usually tell guys that, if they are dating, they should be ready to marry within a year to a year-and-a-half. So guys, ask yourself: Am I in a position to be married within the next year to eighteen months? You must settle this issue before you enter into a romantic relationship because you will not be fit to lead your girlfriend and future wife while you are on such shaky spiritual ground.

Are you able to provide for a wife or be in a position to provide for a wife within the next year to eighteen months? College freshmen who believe they met their future wives at orientation may balk at this statement.

I’ve seen far too many Christian men tow their girlfriend along in relational haze, neglecting to provide them with any certainty that their current dating excursion will eventually lead to marriage.

Men, when you indulge in this passive approach to dating, you will soon be guilty of defrauding your girlfriend.

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It was a way of dating someone that meant your sole purpose was to “court” someone to marry.

Let these questions spur you on to greater diligence, not unproductive self-loathing.

Is anyone else fascinated by reality shows about Amish people or arranged marriages?

Rather, I want to lay down a few vital biblical principles to help you to think carefully about romantic relationships, regardless of whether you think dating or courting best facilitates the implementation of these principles.

I will discuss these principles in a series of posts.

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