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Several firms submitted bids and, after some negotiation, Winchester was selected.

It is likely that the company’s past experience as a supplier of small arms to the U. military played some role in the company’s selection.

The most significant of these changes was the configuration of the gas system.

The M1’s original gas system was of the so-called “gas trap” variety.

The so-called Second Contract Winchester M1 rifles were serially numbered in sequence to the Educational Order rifles, 100,501-165,500.

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The reason for such a small quantity was to determine the company’s suitability for manufacturing the rifle prior to the granting of a large production contract.

The company agreed to the proposal, and the contract was awarded on September 20, 1939.

In order to help set up for mass production of the M1, representatives from Springfield Armory met with the Winchester management and engineering teams to formulate plans for greatly increased production of the Garand at the New Haven plant.

To most gun enthusiasts, the name Winchester typically conjures up images of lever-action rifles or slide-action shotguns. of New Haven, Conn., manufactured myriad types of high-quality firearms for the civilian market.

To the general’s left is John Cantius Garand, inventor of the M1 rifle.

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