Dating your mom ian frazier

One of the most common sayings that run through liberal arts departments goes, "Well, you may not make as much as the finance majors, but you will be fascinating at cocktail parties." If I ever throw a cocktail party I want to invite Ian Frazier, whose new book Dating Your Mom is literary comedy at its finest.

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One night in ‘39, I was playing alto with Mc Shann’s band uptown at the old Savoy Ballroom—mostly blues, ’cause we had one of the better blues shouters of the day, Walter Brown—and Dizzy Gillespie was sittin’ out front.Anyone who has not seen John Maynard Keynes doing his famous strut, or Duncan Grant playing his bass while flat on his back, can now get an idea of what he’s been missing!The Bloomsbury Group has always stood for seriousness about art and skepticism about the affectations of the self-important, and it has been opposed to the avowed philistinism of the English upper classes.So after the set Diz comes up to me and he says, "Sailcat, I got this chick that you just got to hear.Man, this chick can So he takes me over to Dan Wall’s Chili Joint on Seventh Avenue, and in the back there they got a small combo—two horns, some skins, and a buddy of mine named Biddy Fleet on guitar.

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