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Soo ah might be annoying in the first few episodes, but i find she is the most likable when she started to become close with du shik. Heaps of kdramas, especially rom-coms, incorporate comedic elements into some scenes but this drama itself was pure comedy. Like Min Soo-A's character in episodes 1 to 4 she was sophisticated, smart and mature I was so wrong as time goes by her true nature shows that she's shallow and spoiled. For those who are looking for new series to start, Definitely Recommend This Drama! Thank you for making my week nights shine again you guys rocked! 1 more thing, even the cameo or supporting actress hilarious. Awkward relationships, work ethics and friendships. Doo-Sik and Soo-A are my favourite couple on here though. lol i hardly put my comments on asianwiki because I am extremeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllyyyy pleased by this drama Am i only one who suddenly laugh out of nowhere just by the thought of this hilarious drama? I'm in the train, everyone kinda silent and I unknowingly cracked up! The baby is precious and sometimes the only adult in the room. Baby Sol is sooo cute, I'm sure she'll grown up to a pretty girl. Fell in love with the actors too & their very effective acting. Guys, please help me know the place/address of the guesthouse/hostel (Waikiki Hostel) where they shot the show or where I can find it. Every episode makes me laugh and there is also touching moments that make my heart flutter. HAHAHAHAHAHA New role model for Kdrama, Seems kdrama has new transformation, they becoming more japanese or chinese and more real, i like it! New era Good Job This drama is really recommended to all kdrama lovers. I was laughing continuously the whole two episodes ?? Hope this drama gets good ratings as it is really deserving. So funny but at the same time so charming and kind-hearted boy?????although soo ah break up with donggu, i think their chemistry is the best than their new love line One of the best korean dramas I have ever watched. It was light and fun-hearted, packed with heaps of embarassing moments and hilarious dialogue. Jung In-Sun character is so dumb she doesn't even have a clue I really thought she would grow mature for having Sol in her life. It’s super hilarious and it’s not draggy, it’s full of colourful characters and super relatable. Lee Yi Kyung definitely shine in this drama and so does other actors too!!! However why didn't you wait until the end of episode 20 to drop the dating news of Lee Yi Kyung and Jung In Sun because there are tonnes of fans shipping Dong Goo and Yoon A and now all our ships have capsized before docking! The others are funny but I like their humour the best. Ok, 2 couples has been made and the last one Doosik & Sooah is on progress. They feel like they dont appear better than anyone else. I'm so embarrassed I get off the next station hahaha...kindly reminder, don't think about it when your in public, much less don't watch it in public! But I could do without the juvenile nonsense of farting, snot dripping noses, and stomach churning nose picking scenes. The actors are so funny, Kim Jung hyun has a nice voice. Overall this drama is good and thank you for extending the episode. I want to take a photo outside of the building when I go to So Kor this year. The baby is also great, she also contributes in making me happy. It was a mistake to watch this drama at night i couldn't control my laughter x D its been a while since ive watched anything this funny x D also the drama is very aesthetically shot n the cast is so good! this 2 episode made me feel i want to watch more others episodes!!!!Their guest house is facing bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and single mother appear at Waikiki. and my fav couple is dushik and soo ah, they're so cute!!!! Being a new mum, i've kinda shifted my taste in dramas and go for dramas with babies and dramas that are lighthearted and fun, i have no time for all that heavy stuff and no time being fully invested in a drama. Love how hilariously ridiculous this drama could get and also has alot of heart to it. This kind of halted my enjoyment a bit for the last episode. when you have a problem watch this and surely you will forgot it. I wish also the season 2.I am a fan of Kim jung hyun.. I love the three guys, the weird mom, the super adorable baby and the other cast who made this drama so heartwarming. In every episodes they make you laugh like anything....i don't like the chemistry between donggu and yoonah tho.. i really hope there will be season 2 with same cast.. I hope for season 2,3,4,5.......ahaha..seriously i wish for another season! The struggles of the characters and their bond and grow It was funny at first but as the story goes I was lost my interest and felt I just I need to finish it because I have invested my precious time. There's still a lot of things that you need to complete. There were a few episodes that I thought were funny but not necessary to the drama. i just hope that the baby have lots of appearance in this show i do really like to see the baby she is super cute. This drama is very funny and i recommend you to watch this drama if you ever feel sad or stress or depress or whatever haha. At first, I thought it was so over the top, but once I got to know the characters better, I just can't get enough of. Lee Yi Kyung better get lead role offers after this; he is just too good not to with his portrayal of Lee Jun Ki. after a hard day’s work..story can really make your day..loving it... I love all the actors though they are not too popular but their actions are great. You're my "unnie" only by a few months but I adore you and believe in you. Eunji, if you're reading this, you will be perfect for the role.If you're unsure about starting this drama, let me tell you now - you will not regret it! I've been watching asian dramas online since 2006 so that's saying something. Even if Dong Goo is the lead actor, his love story was the one I liked the least. Hahaha every episode never failed make me laugh so hard.. Well I guess the writer seriously is so creative in creating every situation into comany. Joon Ki and Seo Jin love story sooo funny and entertaining. I came here just to show my support to Doo Sik and Soo Ah couple. Now I want to see whether they have partner in real life. And I seriously fell for Doo Sik's character and his voice ?? i can't thank all involved with the making of this show enough for adding much needed laughter and happiness into my life. Is there a site which offers free advice on how to handle K drama addiction and withdrawal? Nooooooooo another week to wait for episodes 11 & 12???? Yeah , he likes Yoon-Ah but somehow , knowing your ex is in relationship with your own friend , it still quiet hard to accept . I hope the actors are having a lot of fun delivering their lines because I'm sure enjoying each episode because it just keeps getting bigger and better exceeding the previous one. Even the baby is funny hahaha...3 guys are hilarious.gwh is another born comedian.... Recommend if you're looking for something to make you cry from LAUGHTER. even tho jtbc reqruitting unfamous/new star but they'll not disappointing the audience first episode is very funny, but i believe there's some great messages from this drama just like age of youth, i'll followed it up till the end ♡ I think it’s good that ryu hwa-young refused to star in this drama.It's very refreshing to watch a kdrama in which the story revolves around a lot of characters. It also showed a great and amusing depiction of long-term friendship. I'm actually torn between having Soo Ah & Doo Sik's and Seo Jin & Joon Ki's love story as may favorite. Anyways looking forward for many more of such dramas? Good thing it was extended, cause it really deserves to be. If there is a season 2, I wish they will be the main character. i really can't imagine how i'm gonna learn to cope with life again after this show ends in a couple weeks but i'm not even gonna think about that right now. I'm serious I love this drama and I'm starting to fret on how much WTW means to me. And i hope i get to watch it everyday after a tiring and stressful day. Every little thing about this drama is amazing specially the cast. I don't know what to do right now and Im at a loss because WTW is my #1 go to before I watch the other 3 dramas I've got on Mon-Tues rotation. I need this particular drama WTW to counter balance the others on the go right now (Ahem Return and Mysterious Personal Shopper) and its great knowing that this provides a weekly dose of laughter for the soul! all the episodes are series of laughter..the type that you need after coming home from a hard day’s work. After mad dog she has the potential & a long way to find suitable dramas for herself.

We get to experience the lives of all 6 characters as individuals, as well as their love lives. All the character get the same airtime and all character so energetic lol This is the funniest drama i have ever watched after modern farmer 2014. Every scenes are full of funny story lines, made me full laughter. He is funny alright but if he sticks with this kind of character he will just get stuck. I will miss this show once it ends and I am hoping for a season 2!! i'd been fruitlessly searching for something for about a year that would make me as happy as strong woman do bong soon did and this drama may have even exceeded that. I really do not know how I am going to cope when this show ends at Ep 20. If you wanted another genre of kdrama to spend your precious time, this drama is worthy! i enjoyed each episode of it, and now my family is annoyed of my laughter every night, because I'm watching it. I think she is nice even she left Dong Gu for a conman . I don't know if there will be something going on between them but I can wish , right ? I really want to see Dong Gu reaction to their relationship since Soo-Ah was h IS ex . My family think I'm nuts just randomly laughing out loud then they realize I must be watching a K drama. This script and the writers responsible should be highly commended with such original quips and set ups. Monday please come fast The writing is all over the place and the plot is going nowhere. But people who are looking for a screenplay with lots of depth will not like it. I never thought of anyone who could play better the role than all the acids here.. Also the baby is the cutest, won my heart within 30 seconds. she beautiful in her own way, multi talented, cheerful, easygoing, always smile. You are so adorable and low profile, i love your cute smile and your friendliness. Saranghae uri eunji yaaa Please do CHAEBOL'S DAUGHTER! Hoping all the best and amazing things for my bb girl ❤❤❤ Eunji yeppeota. And please do have a drama with Kang Minhyuk (CNblue) i ship you guys. Please somebody read this and make a drama for them!She's perceptive of her members, ready to cover their flaws and hers, ready to tease or make jokes to lighten the mood or make things lively so that people watching are not bored. I keep falling for eunji's charms over and over again... and I'm so glad on seeing her how she is so fond with her brother when they have a autograph signing .. it really shows how kind hearted she is that even her brother idolizes them as a group .. She was great in Reply 1997 but that role was almost tailor made for her. Overrated, just like all the other idol wannabe-actors out there. I'm drawn into you so much, unnie : D I can't even compare you to new actresses that recently play in 2013 dramas. She's doing her job well, actually and her acting must be really good if you feel it that way. Although I don't know anything about A-Pink, I really like her work in That Winter The Wind Blows, she looks natural and her performance has credibility. She, unlike overrated idols such as Suzy and Jiyeon deserve to be recognized because she is truly talented. Her acting, singing and personality are all so loveable, it's impossible to not like her hahaha. I'd reserve any kind of judgement until she's gotten a few more acting jobs under her belt. Sure, her acting isn't wooden or unnecessarily cutesy, but that doesn't mean she's a natural talent. To what that person Eungelic said, That is her role. She is not the main character but her acting stands out. Her acting in Reply 1997 was good, but now watching TWTWB she looks so stiff. Just another mediocre idol-actor that was lucky to get a role that suit her, but know that she has to play a different character is showing us she sucks.

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