David deangelo dating tips for women

In the same vein, a man is insecure when he feels or acts like he is tentative, indecisive, weak and seeking approval of others to validate his actions.Women – always on the lookout for Alpha Male behavior in those they find attractive, detect this kind of behavior instantly in a man (or actually, in a wanna-be-man if this is the case).

Remember the Golden Rule (David De Angelo style) It’s much sexier to seem quiet and mysterious than to open your mouth and prove you are a dumbass. If a woman wanted a hanger-on, she would buy a shawl.

David De Angelo says that a man is “needy when he craves attention or recognition.

He shows that he’s insecure when he ACTS on these needs” (Double Your Dating, pg 49).

Neediness and Insecurity – two of the absolute KILLERS of attraction that David De Angelo talks about in his Double Your Dating e Book.

Both of these things – these traits or learned characteristics or even call them symptoms of the need for maturity will deflate attraction like a shotgun blast to a balloon.

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