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BREATHWORK (several kinds are available but eclectic is the best first choice as it combines Reichian Breathworkd, Holotropic Breathwork, Rose Method Bodywork, Kriya Yoga and Kundalini well as proprietary breathing techniques used for instant trance induction and for travelling out of body.But the beginning technique, which is only practiced in Original Tantric massage, is the one technique that accounts for the quick movement of every session to a place of conclusion and successful resolution of issues, with a clear direction for the next, if another treatment is needed.

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To our knowledge most of the techniques you will learn at these Internet workshops have never been presented before, except in our live workshops in Europe, including a technique that opens most Tantra Healing sessions called "Rock In The River", which shows clearly and instantly where the body is blocked and holding Life force energy "hostage", depleting and obstructing the resources we should naturally have available.

The use of cameras will help get you there and allow you to share your experience for others to learn from, as well as to see and learn from your skills and give you positive feedback about your work, including your desirability, which has no correlation to your physical beauty as defined by magazine covers, but in this work is always perceived positively, just as we regard any other of nature's flowers as it opens to the sun.

The cameras will also help you show any areas that need attention and lastly, though required to attend the workshop, there is no requirement to "perform" in any way on camera.

The other two requirements are endless patience and the unconditional love that requires and that no personal agenda be brought to the session on the part of the healer.

There are other attributes that also help and that will be taught at the workshop, the main one being precise sensitivity both emotionally and physically so that your hands or whatever other part of your body is being used to massage and activate your mate, is tuned in to their needs fully and accepting as much information as possible, as well as communicating unconditional love, including unconditional eros.

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