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The amount of unique lyrics is even fewer than in The Night Out.

I honestly would have no problem with Cobra Starship if their lesser songs would not perpetually become overrated.

But the “translator” Ryland turns out to be more than you thought, and t might put your entire spot on tour at risk! " "Your agent wants a song delivered tomorrow, but the entire tour’s going out for Halloween, and Ryland’s got your fans wrapped around his finger! Time flies and before you know it, it’s Thanksgiving.

The tour needs you, Ryland and you are hitting it off, but it’s your last chance to see your love back home before they leave…" "It’s the world premier of the movie your new duet is featured in, and you’re the leading act!

With music this mediocre invading the countdown, it’s tough to look on the bright side, but I’m trying to.

After their win, they released a studio album, It’s About Us, and most recently the EP, As Seen on TV.I no longer instantly change the station when it comes on.I’m having a large amount of trouble with my “Editor’s Picks” section these days, because after the below top 3, there’s a large jumble of songs in the mix for spots 4 and 5, and I feel like I’m just randomly picking two.Lots of internal moving and shaking on the countdown this week, as the window for the #1 bid of Maroon 5 – Payphone completely slams shut. Depending on whether you have strong feelings about the word “it” and the contraction “it’s” constituting different words, or whether you want to lump the onomatopoeias “ah-ah”, “oh”, and “na-na” into the category of “words”, it’s generous to say there’s only 21 unique words in the song. A song this mindlessly simple can never be in the upper echelon of even pop music, but there’s no harm in enjoying it until you’re deathly sick of it. Here’s a run-down of the major movements this week. Carly Rae Jepsen – Good Time made a big push towards its #1 bid this week, ascending 13 spots to #2.Before we get on to this week’s Fresh 45, here’s a list of all the songs we’re saying good-bye to this week. It’s the likely successor to the befuddlingly mediocre Katy Pery – Wide Awake.

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