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During adolescence, teens begin to evaluate their personal strengths and weaknesses, create long-term goals, and make decisions about their future.

Before this age, many kids have more unrealistic expectations about their future (e.g., "I'm going to be a professional athlete," "I'm going to marry a movie star."). In early adolescence, both boys and girls often struggle with body image and self-esteem.

Most sexual development occurs in late childhood and adolescence.

This period of rapid growth and development is called puberty.

They may wonder if they are developing normally and may show an interest in members of the opposite sex.

In fact, many young teens develop strong friendships with members of the opposite sex, in addition to friendships with members of same sex, which become increasingly important during this time.

During the middle teen years, adolescents often become more comfortable with their bodies and with their sexuality.

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Significant dating most commonly begins in late adolescence, ages 15 - 18, during the high school years.Parents can begin by describing three components of a serious relationship: Attraction, Enjoyment, and Respect. Typically it is based on appearance and personality that motivates wanting to spend some time together. Typically it is based on companionship and commonality that allow them to share experience together.Respect is how the relationship is conducted in a sensitive manner.For sure, parents need to tell their son or daughter that any kind of violence (action with intent to harm), be it verbal, emotional, physical or sexual, is not okay. First: "Do I like how I treat myself in the relationship?" For example, "Do I give my needs and wants as much importance as the other person's in the relationship?

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