Did piper perabo dating lena headey

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That’s what you pass every night.” About ex-boyfriend Jason Flemyng “We were together for a long time and we’re still friends; we have a lot of respect for each other.

Even a silly movie- the lights go down and for that hour and a half you’re kind of lost. And to give people that experience – movies that move you, or make you laugh, or scare you, it’s just such a joy.” On nailing an audition “It’s a funny thing because most of this business has to do with profile and even if you go in and nail something – which happens rarely in the audition process for me personally – you walk out and find out it has been offered to somebody else and that’s heartbreaking.

And you wonder if you had attended a few more parties you might have gotten it.” On her husband and their life together “He’s not an actor, he’s a normal man.

“I’m actually pretty shy, it’s almost painful sometimes.” “I’m dreadful at schmoozing at Hollywood parties; I find them so boring.

You have to listen to these awful stories – I mean, what do you say?

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