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For example, the caption style “Pill” uses bitmaps sized approximately 18 pixels (wide) x 16 pixels (high), so these bitmaps could not be resized to 15 x 12 pixels.However, any of the caption bitmaps can be made larger.The following types of captions are available in Adobe Captivate: Use regular captions to “talk” to the viewer about features on the screen.You can have Adobe Captivate automatically generate text captions based upon what is recorded.You decide how text captions appear (font, size, color, and so on).Adobe Captivate provides a wide variety of predefined text caption styles, but you can also create custom styles that match the standards of your company.

When you are not using voice-over narration, you can use text captions instead.The list of existing languages is available in the Recording dialog box.Text captions of events are stored as Capture Text Templates_ To modify an rdl file, make the changes to the Capture Text Templates_file except instead of trying to save it to its original location, save it to your desktop.Each text caption type is named, and a small thumbnail image shows what the text caption looks like.Note: When adding or modifying a text caption, select the caption type before setting the style and format of text in a caption.

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