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A Construct cannot die, it just stops absorbing damage at 25%, and gets worse at absorbing damage as his health drops. The Construct is unable to be healed by normal means - only the Channeler can heal it.Unlike Beastlord Warders, a Construct does not need to be skilled up.There are Alternate Advancedment choices available to Channelers that include some enhancments for your Construct.To access the Construct Window, first open the character window (C).

There are many creatures throughout our world, so I encourage you to experiment with them and see what suits your situation best. Reported essences include: aquatic (crocodiles), avian, boar, bovid (hooved creatures like deer), canine, dire, drake, feline, rodent.

All your main construct Repair abilities can go in the first 2 slots. Click any slot to chose between available options, but you cannot change anything on the Conduit bar while in combat.

Dissonance is the equivalent of Savagery, in that it's a pool to power your special abilities.

- Update [Persona]: Added the new Restore Items page to the window.

- Update [Stat Bar]: Increased width of the Resist stats.- Update [Journal]: Added the Mission Timers tab.

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