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SAP recommends a few tasks to be run in the background for better performance.For example − Payroll can be run in the night and you can check the results the next morning.This is used to calculate the remuneration for each employee with respect to the work performed by them.SAP Payroll not only consists of remuneration part, but also the other benefits that the organization has to provide for the employee welfare according to different company laws in any country.If you want the system to select the server automatically for load balancing purpose, you can leave this option blank.If you want the spool request generated from this job to be sent to someone using email, you can mention the same in the Spool list recipient.These commonly include − A SAP Payroll System manages the gross and net pay, which also includes the payments and deductions calculated while processing payroll for an employee.

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Following are a couple of drivers with their technical names − This represents the calculation rules used by the payroll driver.Each function consists of import data function from internal tables and payroll related files.The steps in Payroll processing − A payroll system gets the payroll related data from the system.In case of off-cycle payroll, the system deletes the internal table and imports the last payroll result.The gross wage, shift schedule, and compensation along with the valuation bases are calculated in the system and the master data relevant to this payroll is added in the calculation.

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