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Some spontaneous types may be bothered by this ENTJ trait; but if they want to stay in the relationship with an ENTJ, they need to accept their intense need for planning and organization.

When it comes to ENTJ relationships, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that ENTJs hate lazy people.

When it comes to love, people of this type aren’t very verbally expressive and may use gifts and fruits of their labor to please their partners.

Another important characteristic of ENTJ relationships is that they will not make a lot of promises to their partners and will surprise them instead — it could be gifts, a new house, a better lifestyle, a trip, etc.

ENTJs feel the happiest when they feel appreciated by their partners, when they allow them to demonstrate their many capabilities and stay in the relationship while maintaining their mental independence.

ENTJ have difficulty having nothing to do and will attempt to plan dates and leisure activities to make the most of every hour.

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