Etrust itm not updating

Added the i Gateway MSI first with its transform and then added the e Trust ITM MSI second with its transform.7) Booted up my VM, logged in, did a gpupdate /force /boot, watched it reboot and install. I saw the animated icon and it looks like the realtime service and everything is running.However, when you double-click on the tray icon after logging in, it pops up an error message that says: "Cannot perform the requested action because the client web GUI is not installed" Our exact steps to reproduce are: 1) Copy r8 distribution CD to the network drive.

create an MST for e Trust ITM.msi, and modify the values for the following already existing setup properties INO_ICFFILE [icf file including full path] PRODUCT ITM Create packages for i Gateway_40_win32and e Trust with i Gateway_40_win32and e Trust as modifications. ICF file (English\Bin\inoc6.icf), then don't include it in your command line.Setup the inoc6and files for the install options and distribution points that you want.Ensure that the icf file contains the following under the [Install Component] head: Common Client=1 e AVClient GUI=1 Keep Old Setting If Any=0 3.This was necessary for the package to install correctly under the SYSTEM account.4) Create a transform (MST) file for the Common\Bin\Win32\Client\i Gateway_40_win32package.

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