Business was very good until game wardens realized that Knievel was taking his clients into Yellowstone National Park to find prey.The Park Service ordered Knievel to cease this poaching.When the company refused to promote him to vice-president after he had been a few months on the job, he quit.Wanting a new start away from Butte, Knievel moved his family to Moses Lake, Washington.Knievel credited much of his later success to Stone and his book.

During the late 1950s, Knievel joined the United States Army.The doctors said he could not race for at least six months.To help support his family, he switched careers and sold insurance for the Combined Insurance Company of America, working for W. Stone suggested that Knievel read Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude, a book that Stone wrote with Napoleon Hill.After his conspicuous trek (he hitchhiked with a 54-inch-wide (1.4 m) rack of elk antlers and a petition with 3,000 signatures), he presented his case to Representative Arnold Olsen, Senator Mike Mansfield, and Interior Secretary Stewart Udall. After returning home to the west from Washington, D. He joined the motocross circuit and had moderate success, but he still could not make enough money to support his family.During 1962, Knievel broke his collarbone and shoulder in a motocross accident.

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