Examplesex chat

It has also helped the business in cutting cost as most of the guidance is being given online regarding the operation of the equipments.

is one of the rapidly growing e-commerce fashion outlets in US, whose designers have been using facebook live to weekly update their customers about the latest arrivals and the discount offers on them.

Live chat is a dynamic platform that facilitates you to assist visitors to your site in real time.

Customers' queries are entertained and resolved within few minutes.

According to the Forrester Research’s renowned paper “The Death of a B2B Salesman”, 74% of the buyers indicate that shopping online is more convenient than buying from a sales representative, and 93% prefer to purchase online when they have already made up their mind about what to buy.

All successful companies are built on the strong foundations of customer loyalty.

According to Business.com, China leads the segment with a volume of 2 billion.

In the present world, companies are witnessing their customers purchase online than any other medium.

Following are some of the reasons why live chat is an ideal option for your B2B e-commerce sites: In a digital world, speed is the king.

As their visitors have numerous questions regarding the functionality of medical apparatus and instruments, it was extremely beneficial for them to have a live chat tool.

The adoption of the tool has proven to be instrumental in boosting the firm’s sales volume.

According to the American Marketing Association, a personal chat solution can increase conversion rates for B2B customers by almost rose by 15%, and their conversion rates increased by 23%.

Live chat considerably decreases the cost of serving the customers, as customer service agents can indulge in multiple live chats at a time (extremely difficult over phone), they use time optimally and provide faster support to clients.

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