Excel usedrange not updating

If you then delete three rows and one column, you would expect that Ctrl End would take you to cell E24.

It doesn't; it still takes you to cell F27 until you save the workbook and reopen it.

I dig this approach and I'm going to play with it for dynamic reporting workbooks.

Right now I'm creating individual sheets and storing counts in variables so that I can produce an "overview" sheet at the end _and_ show where I got the numbers (individual sheets).

Being able to use Auto Hotkey to automate Excel via COM is awesome!

Enter the code into a Module of the Visual Basic Editor.

This post covers four options to fix this problem: But firstly, let’s briefly look at why this occurs. A user might accidentally stray into cells way outside of the area needed.

Press Ctrl Down Arrow and suddenly a cell the bottom of the spreadsheet is in full view and selected, ready for input.

There is no intrinsic macro command that does that, but there is a way to force Excel to do the reset.

All you need to do is adjust the macro as follows: This macro always takes you to the proper cell—it works as you would expect Ctrl End to always work.

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