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Moreover, railroads were quickly moving away from cab unit designs, and standardizing on road-switcher designs, as offered by the competition in the form of the EMD GP7 or the ALCO RS-3 and even the Baldwin DRS-4-4-1500.

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Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Canadian National Railway Canadian Pacific Railway Milwaukee Road New Haven Railway New York Central Railroad Pennsylvania Railroad Atomic Train (1999) - Movie poster only, not featured in the actual movie.The units proved relatively more popular in Canada, particularly with the CPR, and orders continued there until 1955.Several variants were only ever produced by the Canadian Locomotive Company, and Canadian roads accepted a total of 66 units.Individual locomotives in this series were commonly referred to as “C-liners”.A combined total of 165 units (123 cab-equipped lead A units and 42 cabless booster B units) were produced by F-M and the CLC between 19. Since 1932, Fairbanks-Morse had specialized in the manufacture of opposed piston diesel engines for United States Naval vessels.

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