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Eliphinstone’s Kingdom of Caboul shares a corner with Ovid on Love.

From there the titles expand to pre-war Europe and Latin American revolutionary movements.

And from there, up in the higher shelves, a section of erotica.

among others make up a respectable four shelves—erotic art is elsewhere, ZAB organized his library meticulously and did not cross genres.

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He collected them on his travels and placed them in a room that he built, consciously or not, along the lines of India itself.

On the wall hangs a terrifying, modern painting of Jesus Christ on the cross—his neck bent and his ribs marked with blood—nearby, a small side table houses small icons of Buddha and Shiva.

There is a bust of Buddha in every room of the library.

In a letter to the Minister of Education and Foreign Affairs in 1973, Bhutto, who was Prime Minister at the time, writes of Britain’s decision not to turn over the contents of London’s India Office Library to India and Pakistan.

While India sent a team of archivists to catalogue and microfilm their heritage, “Pakistan has not bothered at all to do anything on similar lines” he complains, telling the ministers to set up a cell and get on with it.

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