Fearne cotton greg james dating

And all this begs an important question – a question I’m sure has echoed silently in the hearts and minds of my generation this past decade: who actually really cares what Fearne Cotton has to say? I mean, I remember being eight years old and not caring about her on Ci TV, and I still don’t care about her now.I mean seriously, ask yourself this, have you ever met anyone who has expressed an avid appreciation of Fearne Cotton?And for the most part, it seems Radio 1 has made the right calls in attracting youth to its airwaves, installing personalities such as Matt Edmondson, Jameela Jamil and You Tube’s Dan and Phil; all edgy in their own right, all in touch with different aspects of youth culture and all capable of an entertaining rhetoric. Perhaps it’s the music industry’s fault, for slowly digressing into a pit of bland, formula-churned sounds that demand an equally bland personality to make sense of it.

Like most nocturnal lazy students, you’ll be lucky if an earthquake wakes me up, but recently I’ve found there’s no alarm clock better than Fearne Cotton’s Radio 1 show.And he’s even dated Rita’s mate, the model DAISY LOWE, before calling an end to their three-month romance because she was too keen.Tyrone is also the half-brother of JESSE WOOD, meaning if all goes well Rita could end up being sister-in-law to Jesse’s wife FEARNE COTTON.Struggling to make it as a musician, Teoh turned to pop journalism to quench his thirst for music.Unfortunately it's reinforced his cynicism, inflated opinions and sense of entitlement.

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