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One of the new ways of communicating online is via instant messaging or chat software.This has revolutionized the way that people can keep in touch using the Internet. I feel friends are ignoring me and holding grudges.. I’m tired of constantly being poor and feels less than.I fear I will never have financial stability…and I’m tired of where I live and the state I live in. I’m hoping for a large settlement to get back on my feet..

The message is typed into a form and sent to a recipient in the address list.

Assuming that the other person is online, the message gets delivered directly to their computer screen allowing them to answer immediately.

Chat facilities work in a similar way and this means that people can 'chat' in real time over their computer Internet connection.

It is also possible to obtain viruses, worms, and Trojan horses through messaging, so care should be taken when accepting any files.

Also, don't type anything that shouldn't be shared with others, since instant messages can be captured and the text can be saved and passed on.

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